Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been identified by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence ( as an effective talking therapy for a range of psychological and psychiatric problems. It is a researched and evidence based talking therapy for, amongst other conditions, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety states, OCD and managing and modifying the impact of major mental health problems such as schizophrenia, psychosis and personality disorder.


CBT can help us to identify the ways in which our early and significant life experiences inform and shape the way we think, feel and react to situations and events in our lives. It can help us explore the beliefs we hold about ourselves, our current situation and our future. CBT does not assume that, simply because we have negative thoughts and reactions, that they are inaccurate; CBT can help us examine why we believe our thoughts and beliefs and help us mediate the impact that they can have on our moods and behaviour.


John Williams has practiced CBT and supervised the CBT practice

of other clinicians as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for over twenty five years and currently offers CBT from his clinic in West Malling, Kent.





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If you decide that CBT is for you, please ensure that the therapist you see is appropriately trained and experienced in the practice of CBT. The British Psychological Society and The Health and Care Professionals Council  are rigorous in ensuring that Clinical Psychologists are appropriately trained and supervised to practice talking therapies.
Clinical Psychologists are able to offer a range of therapies in addition to CBT. There are likely to be significant advantages in seeing a Clinical Psychologist who also practices CBT. They will be able to discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of other therapies and help you make an informed choice about which therapy may be most helpful for you in your unique situation. The Health and Care Professionals Council ensures that psychologists are appropriately qualified and supervised and their register is available at


“I have tried therapy and

  therapists before but CBT

  was the most helpful by far”