Couples Therapy and Family Therapy


Couple or Family Therapies often focus on the ways in which our life experiences, beliefs, behaviours and communication styles impact upon our relationships. Difficulties in relationships can lead to feelings associated with depression, anxiety and anger that can, in turn, reduce further the quality of our relationships.


Family and Couples Therapies have also been shown to be helpful for individuals experiencing a range of psychological or psychiatric problems including psychosis, schizophrenia, bi polar disorder and depression. Clearly, if one member of a family is troubled, other family members will be affected in some way.


Parents often have concerns for their children. Family therapies have been shown to be effective in helping parents develop new ways of understanding and helping their children overcome difficulties  and problems.


If you are experiencing problems yourself, or in your relationships, and wish to work on those issues as a couple or as a family, contact John Williams to discuss if or how Family Therapy or Couples Therapy might be helpful.


John Williams qualified as a Systemic and Family Therapist at The Oxford Family Institute and has worked with adult, child and family services in Hull, Cornwall and Milton Keynes and currently offers couples and family therapy in the West Malling area of Kent.


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